How to learn to make love

How to learn to make love

How to learn to make love

How to learn to make love

Do you remember the first time you had sex? Intense but a little disappointing, right? It's a bit the same with all new partners . First sex is never as magical as you would imagine. Very often, the caresses are awkward and the orgasm is not there. This is the tangible proof that we can learn to make love .
Learn to surrender
You absolutely have to let go and learn to make love with your body and not your head. Surrender to the caresses of the other and submit to his own pleasure without thinking. Take advantage of the present moment without falling into performance anxiety where you must please the other at all costs. Making love is a relational act that must have its share of selfishness. Follow your gut without asking questions. 

Learning to know each other

Contrary to popular belief, pleasure is not innate. It is learned through various experiences and it is over time that you know what you like and what you don't. The best way to know yourself is first and foremost to let yourself be tempted by masturbation . Solo pleasure leaves no room for judgment so we are much more likely to let ourselves go completely towards pleasure and excitement. We get to know the caresses that stimulate us and those that can lead us to orgasm. 

Learn to assert yourself

Once you know each other better, you have to be ready to take on this pleasure. We refuse to do things with which we are not comfortable and we take the initiative of our excitement. Learning to assert yourself in your sexuality also means taking control of your sexual and personal development. Making love is being good in your head as in your body but above all wanting it! Do not accept anything that goes against your own values ​​and desires. 

Learn to dare

If we do not dare, we will never leave our comfort zone and if we never leave our comfort zone, sexuality will die out for lack of vitality and novelty. Several people I meet do not dare for fear of judgment. They prefer annoying stability rather than energizing novelty. Go Go Go! We try new positions , new places, new outfits, new outings, etc! And you know what, if it doesn't work, it's no more serious, we take that with a laugh and we try something else!

Learn to forget orgasm

Don't make orgasm your ultimate goal! It's the best way to never reach it. Let yourself go in the present moment and if the orgasm occurs, consider it a bonus! If you don't reach it, please don't simulate it to fuel your partner's ego! Pretending to have an orgasm will undoubtedly harm the improvement of future sexual relations. How to perfect your sexual fulfillment if everything is wrong? Be honest with yourself!
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