What is true love

What is true love 

What is true love
What is true love

What is true love
is that little extra thing that happens when you are with a certain person and that does not happen when you are with others. But defining love precisely is tricky because it is a unique and special feeling between two people. Love is nourished by difference and respect for each other.

However, knowing love for the first time can be destabilizing: you have the impression that you no longer control anything, that you are losing your mind. It can at the same time make you feel a whole range of intense feelings (joy, happiness, melancholy, fear, sadness, etc.). You discover fantasy, you see poetry where you did not see it before, you feel “grow your wings” to carry out projects, etc. Together, you are good and you are doing good.

What about love at first sight?

What is true love: Love at first sight is love at first sight, immediately very strong. This love can evolve into a deep and lasting relationship after this first phase. It can also stop as soon as you know yourself better, because the other does not seem more interesting after some time as if you had been in love with an image that reality destroys after a while.

How do you know if it's true love?

What is true love, often comes by itself, sometimes without warning. You can seek love and not find it, do not seek it and find it!

What is true love is sometimes born suddenly, and other times, little by little, over time. Love can be fusional (trying to become one with the other), it can start with a friendship or can first be a great physical attraction. In any case, there is no single definition of love. Each couple creates their own love, which evolves over time. There is nothing to search for or copy in this area. Simply being good with others can already be a sign of love.

What is true love is magic! When you love, you feel like you're feeling good. Love feelings build self-confidence and boost self-esteem.

It is rewarding, because we read in the eyes of the other that we are attractive or attractive. We discover that we can also be important outside the family circle and that other people than parents can encourage us and understand what we are going through.

We create a strong bond, we learn to trust a new person, we gradually reveal ourselves and we talk about intimate things that we had never dared to discuss with anyone.

 Long-term true love

What is true love
What is true love

What is true love: Long-term love requires a longer relationship. It can start with a thunderbolt, but not necessarily. Time is essential to love: it allows two people to get to know each other and discover commonalities. A romantic relationship is more likely to last over time when the two partners feel good together and share common activities. In any case, it changes and evolves along the way.

What if love is not reciprocal?

Sometimes the feelings are not mutual. You love a person, but they don't love you in return. It is a situation that everyone can face one day. You can't force anyone to love you.

When the feelings are not shared, accepting this situation is the only solution, even if it is painful. The feeling of love comes or does not come, no one can force it.

But What is true love

What is true love
What is true love

It is said that love is an emotion. Little Robert tells us that an emotion is: movement, agitation, emotional reaction, generally intense. Love would therefore be a movement towards someone. How can two people in movement, towards each other and in their respective lives, make this reciprocal movement last through the vicissitudes of life together?

In my opinion, there are three essential conditions for the durability of love: admiration, dream and sexual desire. And these three components must be channeled to the same person. And reciprocal. And stable. But not necessarily in order: desire can arise from admiration or vice versa.

I can only love someone if I admire them and that I feel admired by that someone. Admiration is a feeling of joy and fulfillment in front of what we judge beautiful or great (little Robert). There is love only in respect. From the moment we scream nonsense, we seriously jeopardize love. We may not always agree on the education of the children, the way of spending the money (these are the two main sources of disagreement) ..., but we must always agree that the other is a unique human person worthy of respect and admiration. Let us not forget that two lovers are also two intimate enemies ... who owe each other respect. The decline in admiration parallels the decline in love. Hence the importance of standing in front of your partner.

Two people who love each other share the same projects, the same dreams; What is true love  they are two accomplices who are plotting their future together: the purchase of the first house or the first car, the arrival of the first and subsequent children, the professional success of one or the other, social involvement, holidays, retirement ... Again, individual dreams are not necessarily the same and should not necessarily be subordinate to the dreams of the couple, but from the moment when personal dreams take over, or from When I catch myself dreaming with another, the end of the common dream is near. Every couple is based on two independent people with their own respective projects. To love yourself is to dream together of possible things.

What is true love : Obviously, love is based on mutual physical attraction. So much so that the act of love designates sexual relations. What could be more wonderful than making love with your loved one? To love someone is to want to bond, touch, caress, interpenetrate, merge. But, it is also to maintain his desire and the desire of the other by keeping a certain distance. You are not me and I am not you. One plus one is not one, but three, i.e. you, me and us. Lightning strikes cannot survive passion, because total fusion kills desire. I only want what I don't have, not what I have. You also exist outside of me and I exist outside of you. Distance is necessary for desire and allows closeness to turn into pleasure.
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